Chicago Teachers Union

Teacher Accused as Sexual Predator and the Union is Quiet … Some Things Never Change

January 11, 2024

In the 1980s, James Moffat was sexually abusing boys and girls in his principal’s office at Kelvyn Park High school … our mentor George Schmidt worked the case for many years before the connected CPS rapist was convicted and put…

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Rape … Chicago Public Schools Teacher Christopher McFarland, 59, charged with kidnapping, sexual assault

January 10, 2024

LANSING, Ill. – A Chicago Public Schools employee has been charged with armed kidnapping and sexual assault of a juvenile victim. By FOX 32 Digital Staff Published January 10, 2024 3:14PM Updated 3:21PM Christopher McFarland, 59, was taken into custody…

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Left Check … Eye Spy

January 2, 2024

(Chicago) the beauty of modern day internet is you can see what people have done in the past … And if they helped people … or cheated, ripped them off and lied … seems like I was on the left…

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Toxic Site Specialist

December 4, 2023

(Chicago) was Commissioner Cardenas involved in the Shady Migrant toxic tent site deal like he was with the Horizon Charter School 10 years ago … One Birdy says So … Either he is connected to the company directly or a…

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Stacy Davis Gates is a Tax Cheat, Liar and Lawbreaker

November 15, 2023

Chicago Teachers Union president used ‘unlawful deduction’ on home in Indiana for over a decade and lied on CPS hiring documents Stacy Davis Gates loses undeserved property tax break, owes Indiana $1,533 by Jess PlowmanNovember 13, 2023 An Indiana county…

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is CTU Officially becoming a Communist Organization … sure looks like it

September 27, 2023

Today’s Chicago Teachers Union Resolution creates a secret police to spy on other members, wants to raise taxes on the middle class, attacks free speech, attacks free association, and makes every member part of one political party without their consent…

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Black, Latino Voters Had ‘Shocking Low’ Turnout In Election That Made Brandon Johnson Mayor, Report Shows

September 19, 2023

White voters continue to have outsized influence on City Hall, the study shows. And the number of Black voters who came out to elect Mayor Harold Washington was nearly triple the number that showed up for Johnson. by Madison Savedra…

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Pseudo-left groups like CORE with no connection to the class struggle represent the interests of a layer of privileged middle class professionals and academics

September 9, 2023

pseudo-left groups such as the former ISO and the DSA, CORE also represents the interests of a layer of privileged middle class professionals and academics, with no connection to the class struggle, who increasingly inhabit positions in and around the…

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Sex Abuse Cover Up – CPS Refuses to provide documents in CTU Skalinder case

September 7, 2023

Sex Abuse Cover Up – CPS FOIA refusal to provide documents after the Illinois Attorney General determined they should be provided to … Chicago Public Schools is refusing to provide documents after the Illinois attorney general determined they should…

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Stacy Davis Gates President of Chicago Teachers Union sends her kid to an elite Private High School

September 2, 2023

Public rescords have confirmed that the oldest son of Stacy Davis Gates the President of the Chicago Teachers Union attends De La Salle Institute an exclusive private school in Chicago. Her son is being promted on only a…

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