Attempted Assassination of Donald Trump at Pennsylvania Rally July 13th 2024

July 13, 2024

Former President Donald Trump, the 2024 presumptive Republican presidential nominee, was escorted off the stage by Secret Service after gunshots were fired at his rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. Mr. Trump was injured from the incident, with blood appearing on the…

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Architect of School Violence REN2010 Arnie Duncan making Deals with Brandon Johnson

July 11, 2024

Mayor Brandon Johnson Thank you, Arne Duncan, for your commitment and love and dedication to the people of Chicago … Seems the mayor and news reporters have a short memory about REN2010 … now that same mayor is in a…

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Political Accountability for Harming Children

July 5, 2024

When leaders say crime and lawlessness is ok because you are owed something or because of history, they set kids up to be criminals … Every pro-crime politician including the governor, cook county president, prosecutor, aldermen, legislators, and the mayor,…

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Happy 2024 Independence Day

July 4, 2024
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Investigation … Double Murder Benito Juarez High School 2023

July 3, 2024

Jadine Chou, center, CPS’ chief of safety and security, speaks at a news conference after the Juarez shooting in 2022. She is joined by then-Chicago Police Supt. David Brown, left, and CPS CEO Pedro Martinez. (Credit: Colin Boyle/Block Club Chicago)…

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Stabbed on CTA Red Line …

July 2, 2024

1200 block of W. Loyola Ave on July 01, 2024 at appx 10:58 pm … a male victim, 36 was on the CTA Red Line train when an unknown offender approached with a knife and attacked the victim for unknown…

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Triple Homicide Sunday Morning in the Chicago in the Grand Crossing Neighborhood

July 1, 2024

515 E 76th St on June 30, 2024 at appx 2:17 am … 3 adults were walking at the above location when they got into a verbal altercation with 2 unknown offenders. The offenders got into a silver SUV, pulled…

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Dirigisme is an economic doctrine described as an inherent aspect of fascism

June 30, 2024

in which the state plays a strong directive (policies) role, contrary to a merely regulatory interventionist role, over a market economy. As an economic doctrine, dirigisme is the opposite of laissez-faire, stressing a positive role for state intervention in curbing…

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Homless Block Sidewalk: Whose Fault

June 29, 2024

Why aren’t the elected officials taking care of this … About 8:20 p.m. June 28th 2024 … 16th and Loomis … Let’s make this perfectly clear I don’t blame this person for blocking my access on this sidewalk … it’s…

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Open Air Drug Market downtown Chicago

June 28, 2024

6:20 p.m. June 28th 2024 … They don’t care about nothing out here man you got to understand that maybe Americans need to be more like the migrants They ain’t afraid of the cops here … 6:10 p.m. June 28th…

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