Toxic Site Specialist

December 4, 2023

(Chicago) was Commissioner Cardenas involved in the Shady Migrant toxic tent site deal like he was with the Horizon Charter School 10 years ago … One Birdy says So … Either he is connected to the company directly or a…

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Stacy Davis Gates is a Tax Cheat, Liar and Lawbreaker

November 15, 2023

Chicago Teachers Union president used ‘unlawful deduction’ on home in Indiana for over a decade and lied on CPS hiring documents Stacy Davis Gates loses undeserved property tax break, owes Indiana $1,533 by Jess PlowmanNovember 13, 2023 An Indiana county…

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Did the Chicago Board of Education Cover Up a School Rape? Then promote administrator afterwards?

October 27, 2023

One day Jesus Quiroga and his family were watching La Virgen de Guadalupe, a popular Mexican TV show, where a girl informed her mother that her mom’s boyfriend had raped and impregnated her. The mother refused to believe it and eventually both…

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Migrant Children playing in City of Chicago Dump site

September 14, 2023

Shocked, Saddened and Angry … Migrant Children playing in City of Chicago Dump site 1758 South Clark September 14th 2023 approximately 506 pm … while we were sitting here uploading our videos from our regular migrant reports … heard voices…

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DHS has lost track of 177,000 migrants inside the USA

September 13, 2023

An internal watchdog report says the agency has a limited ability to track migrants who have crossed the border once they are released in the U.S. to await their asylum hearings. DHS has lost track of 177,000 migrants inside the…

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Migrants Bring Tuberculosis into a Chicago Police Station

September 11, 2023

An ambulance was called to the 18th District yesterday in the late afternoon to respond to three illegals, ages 18, 21,47, who required medical attention for TB. Yes, TB is Tuberculosis. Reporting By Chicago Contrarian

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Pseudo-left groups like CORE with no connection to the class struggle represent the interests of a layer of privileged middle class professionals and academics

September 9, 2023

pseudo-left groups such as the former ISO and the DSA, CORE also represents the interests of a layer of privileged middle class professionals and academics, with no connection to the class struggle, who increasingly inhabit positions in and around the…

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Prosecutors seeking new indictment for Hunter Biden before end of September

September 6, 2023

WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal prosecutors plan to seek a grand jury indictment of President Joe Biden’s son Hunter before the end of the month, according to court documents filed Wednesday. by Lindsay Whitehurst Updated 5:28 PM CDT, September 6, 2023…

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Mayor is Playing a Dangerous Game

September 3, 2023

BJ’s from Elgin and doesn’t understand street crews, gangs, or crime in our city and never will. He’s playing a dangerous game with all our lives … as you see, the increase in mass shootings, robbery sprees, anytime of the…

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Stacy Davis Gates President of Chicago Teachers Union sends her kid to an elite Private High School

September 2, 2023

Public rescords have confirmed that the oldest son of Stacy Davis Gates the President of the Chicago Teachers Union attends De La Salle Institute an exclusive private school in Chicago. Her son is being promted on only a…

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