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(Chicago) was Commissioner Cardenas involved in the Shady Migrant toxic tent site deal like he was with the Horizon Charter School 10 years ago … One Birdy says So …

Either he is connected to the company directly or a helping hand … got information from a good source … and records show one donation from Sanchez Paving’s owner to Cardenas … so we dont really know … but there sure are plenty of reasons he could be involved …

So how is an alderperson now cook county board of review commissioner that was once opposed to and by the Chicago Teachers Union connected to the Mayor Brandon Johnson you ask ..

The backstory is that ctu asked him for support in 2019 at a CTU rally for striking Chicago International Charter School teachers.

Staff complained inside the CTU offices, why did the administrative team invite a pro-charter alderman, to support a charter school strike … it did not make sense … since Cardenas was pro-charter school, a few years earlier in 2013 when the Horizons school was put into a toxic waste site ….

John Kugler, a McKinley Park resident and a representative from the Chicago Teacher’s Union, said the neighbors were blindsided by the group’s intentions to open. He said that Concept hasn’t held community feedback meetings.

“Why do we need to rush this through?” he said.

Charter School Slated for Vacant Factory Clears Zoning Hurdle
April 30, 2013 2:58pm

… and Cardenas was the environmental chair on the city council … coincidentally … adlerman of both sites in questions then and now.

And now fast-forward ten years and we got the same shady, speed it through, approval process on another toxic site …

… if anything always at the right place at the right time on a toxic dump site that needs to be sold or converted to something for public use …

… so he is good at dumping properties that can’t be sold commercially and then sold through the city govenment …

… and now as Cook County Board of Review Commissioner of the First District and on the committee of toxic properties again as a member of the Cook County Environmental Commission …

He is again in the good best position to figure out how to make something get through the process … Or as we say Grease the Wheels … or give a call to someone and say … hey i know a great spot for a tent camp for migrants …

… might also have to do with getting Julia Rameriez elected …

Who knows what evil lurks in the mind of men …. the Shadow knows … or not …

… in Chicago they run fake candidates to split the vote to get the person they want elected … yes wild thinking but it always happens in the city … that’s a crazy theory there …. Since she’s acts like true Progressive and Cardenas is a center-left candidate … Opposites … or not …

“Why would they invite me if we don’t consider ourselves allies?” Cardenas said about CTU leadership in 2019.

… the connections don’t stop there … both Cardenas and Chuy Garcia are from Durango in Mexico … another coincidence … HiHo

Chicago Charter School: EPA Toxic Site
Sunday, May 05, 2013

Chicago Alderman Cardenas: Shady Charter School Rezoning Deal
Monday, April 29, 2013

John Kugler, of McKinley Park, holds up a pile of petition signatures he said were fraudulent and not from the local community. Photo credit: DNAInfo/Casey Cora

Cardenas has backed Concept Charter’s proposed K-12 school at 2245 W. Pershing Road, saying it would be an alternative to neighborhood schools in the ward, including Calmeca Academy of Fine Arts and Shields, Davis and Burroughs elementary schools, and a yet-to-be-built Back of the Yards high school.

But many residents and activists at the meeting weren’t buying it.

“The kids are not a number. They are not a business,” Abel Mota, a teacher at Evergreen Academy, shouted from the back of the auditorium.

Some called the meeting — announced several hours before its 5 p.m. start time — a sham and suggested city approval for the school was already a done deal.

A zoning committee’s recommendation to approve the conversion of the vacant factory into a school was expected to go before the City Council on Wednesday.

McKinley Park Charter School Proposal Faces Opposition
May 8, 2013 9:26am

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