CTA Dumpster … Dangerous and Filthy Conditions at Red Line Subway Exists … Madison and State

June 21, 2024

A shocking discovery that started out as a feel-good story about making the city look good quickly turned into a nightmare on State Street … Driving North on State at about 1230 a.m. on June 21, 2024, I noticed some…

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Jay talking about the American Tent city on Des Plaines and Roosevelt

June 17, 2024

can’t get services not even getting on the cooling buses at the migrant landing zone … Des Plaines and Polk … About 5:45 p.m. June 17th 2024 Jay talking about the American Tent City and how they can't get services…

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Where did the $500,000,000 go … Pass Thru … Chicago Migrant Spending

June 11, 2024

we have paid conservatively over half a billion dollars to warehouse migrants in Chicago … look at these conditions and decide for yourself is this where the money is going … in the political business we call it pass throughs…

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CTA bus went out of control in Bridgeport 10:40 am June 10, 2024

June 10, 2024

according to a witness … I saw everything. It didn’t stop it was going very fast. I was waiting for the bus … Major Collision 35th & Halsted June 10, 2024 … Emergency responders have established a staging area for…

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Chicago Department of Health is refusing to provide a list of cases for Chicken Pox and Measles cases …

June 7, 2024

… reported in the Chicago area from January 2000 to December 20, 2023 … using COVID as an excuse and mix up FOIA request … this one did not ask for TB records and the IL AG went along with…

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Conceal Carry Gun Owner Shoots Three after being Beaten

June 2, 2024

Triple Shooting … Suspect Apprehended 4728 W Wrightwood Chicago 11:32pm May 31 2024 @CitizenApp M/55 – neck M/29 – chest 3x, L armpit, L upper back (Extremely Critical) M/22 – chest (Critical) 12:40:00 AM CDT Police have located evidence of…

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Lots of Resources Being Spent on Migrants … What will be the Return

May 30, 2024

Downtown Chicago migrant crime and economy update about 4:25 p.m. May 29th 2024 Lots of Resources Being Spent … What will be the Return by @drkugler … Downtown Chicago migrant crime and economy update about 4:25 p.m. May 29th 2024…

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CPS Principal, Staff Stymied Police Investigation of Mass Shooting at Pilsen High School, Emails, Interviews Show

May 28, 2024

In the first crucial hours, police could not get access to video surveillance, a witness and other key information in a shooting that left two students dead, two wounded. CPS says it cooperated. by Peter NickeasMay 28, 2024 For three critical…

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8 Years Ago … Nasty and Dangerous: Schools under Rahm Control (NSFW) May 27, 2016.. Jadine Chou is Still there … that is how they do it … Get it … HiHo

May 27, 2024

“That’s the risk you take working for CPS,” someone from the Central Office stated. (5/19/16) reposting some of my old work for these left-wing cyber terrorits stalking our pages that say that we are right-wing … only targeting Brandon Johnson and…

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Migrant Stabbed Friday Night at Pritzker Park and Cop Injured Downtown Chicago

May 24, 2024

as police declare emergency outside downtown Chicago Migrant shelter when a massive brawl between migrants broke out at Van Buren and Plymouth … 9:08pm May 24th 2024 A migrant living at a nearby shelter was stabbed, a Chicago police officer…

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