Teacher Accused as Sexual Predator and the Union is Quiet … Some Things Never Change

In the 1980s, James Moffat was sexually abusing boys and girls in his principal’s office at Kelvyn Park High school … our mentor George Schmidt worked the case for many years before the connected CPS rapist was convicted and put in jail …

that is not the end of the story it is actually the beginning …

… it shows that when you are connected and the teachers union is focused on “other things” you can remove all the history of a sexual predator from public records …

Former principal jailed for sex abuse April 23, 1987

Chicago Schools Get Schooled in Muckracking … Substance broke the story about Moffat, and eventually he was convicted … By Eileen Ogintz Chicago Tribune May 08, 1989

Principal in Sex Case Imprisoned By Matt O`Connor Chicago Tribune Jul 26, 1990 at 12:00 am

Moffat page disappears from Illinois sex offender information system … Connections to Burke by George N. Schmidt, June, 2007

Moffat crimes and coverups by George N. Schmidt, Nov 10, 2011

[ Investigative Report ] Chicago Teachers Union Paid and Allowed a Sexual Predator to Work with Female Teachers by John Kugler May 1, 2022

35 years later nothing has changed … Moffat and now Skalinder … Sexual Predators in Chicago Schools … question is why was a high ranking union official allowed to continue to work with teachers and students … this is an ongoing investigation by John Kugler Dec 26, 2022

Chicago Public Schools told to add more training for vendors, address sexual and financial misconduct in annual report from Office of Inspector General By Sarah Macaraeg Chicago Tribune Jan 09, 2024 https://www.chicagotribune.com/education/ct-cps-oig-annual-report-20240109-e763xr5zwrhqzgt6cjc2khksc4-story.html

Chicago Public Schools employee charged with kidnapping, sexual assault By FOX 32 Digital Staff Published January 10, 2024 3:14PM

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