Hunter Biden Guilty

June 20, 2023

Hunter Biden to plead guilty to federal tax charges, strikes deal on gun charge … Key things to know about the federal tax charges against Hunter Biden and his plea deal

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Lauren Bianchi, a Chicago Teachers Union official

Daddy Dearest: Union Official Scamming the System

November 14, 2022

Lauren Bianchi, a Chicago Teachers Union official and Environmental activist,uses Dealer Plates and does not have a city sticker working as a Chicago PublicSchools teacher. Multiple Chicago Eastside residents have contacted Substance News regardingwhat seems like a tax dodger and…

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Noted Chicago labor lawyer Robin Potter

[ Nepotism ] Mother of Chicago Teachers Union Trustee Gets $4 Million While Fired Black Teachers Get Only $12,000 Each

December 14, 2021

In a long-drawn-out lawsuit that was filed by Robin Potter, mother of current Chicago Teachers Union Trustee Jackson Potter (the case was filed while Jackson Potter was Chief of Staff for the CTU). There will be a settlement that gives…

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