city is so thirsty they towing cars with people in em

December 1, 2023

we caught a city two truck towing a car with a person still in it … this on the first day of the towing … Chicago winter overnight parking ban takes effect; restrictions in place regardless of snow …Fri, Dec…

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Brighton Park Migrant Tent City construction full steam ahead

November 30, 2023

who’s getting the jobs … All White Workers looks like … November 30th 2023 about 12:05 pm …. as you see contractors continue to work … Bet all these dudes go home and complain on the internet about migrants but…

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Cold Lawless Monday Night in Chicago Controlled by the Criminals

November 28, 2023

I’ve been living in this city for a long time and I know there’s bad things that have happened in the past but tonight was something different … we have some very dangerous individuals ripping and running on the city…

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the Booster Club

November 27, 2023

What a booster looks like checking out his stash in a downtown Chicago alley … Nov 27, 2023 appx 740 pm on the spot reporting — SubX.News (@SubxNews) November 28, 2023 Standard Club Pritzker Park Migrant update November 27th…

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American Dream Gone

November 25, 2023

American Dream Gone … 12th district police station migrant update November 24th 2023 about 9:55 pm … place is a lot of rubbish lot of people but as you can see there's less people … there's big spaces in the…

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Leon Taylor, 33, Charged with killing his 16 year old son Leontaye Taylor … Westside Chicago

November 21, 2023

Leon was arrested on November 18, 2023, at approximately 10:05 p.m. in the 5600 block of W Washington Blvd. Police say the victim – identified as Leontaye Taylor – was physically fighting with 33-year-old Leon Taylor inside a home in…

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Rain or Shine Don’t Stop the Dope Man

November 20, 2023

Standard Club Pritzker Park Migrant update about 5:30.p.m. November 20th 2023 … We’ve confirmed from multiple people and my observations here this is a dope spot … what dope selling here … talking to a few people almost anything you can…

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Wrigley and Now Huck Finn: a Good Economy Runs 24/7 … 7-days a Week

November 17, 2023

Two once booming establishments in Mckinley Park were open, 24/7, seven-days a week, including other businesses that were thriving, making money, and generating a local economy … yet we are told that everything is all right when one is demolished,…

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CTA crash investigation

November 16, 2023

12 hurt … 2 people in critical condition at least 50 people on train … CTA says at around 10:39 a.m. in the 7500 block of North Paulina Street, a yellow line train crashed into rail equipment in the Howard…

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Stacy Davis Gates is a Tax Cheat, Liar and Lawbreaker

November 15, 2023

Chicago Teachers Union president used ‘unlawful deduction’ on home in Indiana for over a decade and lied on CPS hiring documents Stacy Davis Gates loses undeserved property tax break, owes Indiana $1,533 by Jess PlowmanNovember 13, 2023 An Indiana county…

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