[ Social Control ] Recentering the Lumpen Question Today: Understanding Lumpenization and Bonapartism

December 1, 2021

Daniel Tutt @ – December 01, 2021 Originally Published March 4, 2021 To name a class “lumpenproletariat” is to reveal something that would otherwise prefer to stay hidden. The lumpenproletariat is not merely defined by its non-relation to…

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[Ten Years Ago – Mass Layoffs] Seventy-eight displaced teachers sign grievance after grievance meetings at PUSH… Teachers Organize and Fight Back Against Terminations

July 2, 2020

Ten years ago the Chicago Public Schools targeted African American women teachers disproportional for layoffs en masse. The laid off teachers were left in limbo for Union Representation since there was a transition in power from the Marilyn Stewart team…

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[ History of CPS Corruption ] Ptydepe the key to understanding CPS bureaucrat qualifications by George N. Schmidt Jan 1, 2012

January 1, 2012

Only one of the people siting joyfully in the bureaucrats’ seats during the December 14, 2011 meeting of the Chicago Board of Education was still cramming for her Ptydepe test, as the above photo shows. Right to left, “Chief Officer,…

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Moffat page disappears from Illinois sex offender information system … Connections to Burke

June 1, 2007

George N. Schmidt – June, 2007 The most notorious sexual predator in the history of Chicago’s public schools system has disappeared from the Illinois Sex Offender data base, a Substance investigation revealed. James Moffat, who was a personal friend of…

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