Wait a Second … Buildings Ready to Go

Why we looking for abandoned buildings and tents … We got bunch of government buildings that got heat and light ready to go for these migrants … how come they being selfish all these government workers …

We could put those migrants in any building and go on remote … if we had too … didn’t we just go remote for 2 years on COVID … why we paying rent when we got all these buildings empty at night …

… none of them work at night … even the politicians offices are empty at night … we pay the rent and heat for them too … its our buildings not theirs …

… they are some scheming lying con-artists running our governments …

… they are selfish … doing crony deals … leaving them migrants out in the cold … while buildings got heat and are empty … Ready to Go … HiHo

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Wed Nov 1, 6:50pm

Migrant drop off location

Jefferson and Vernon Park

in back of the Domestic Court Building

41.873582, -87.641787

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Ain’t Nobody Here … Migrant drop off location November 1st 2023 about 6:50 pm

Ain't Nobody Here … Migrant drop off location November 1st 2023 about 6:50 p.m…. City, state and county all declare migrant emergencies … yet we're here there's no permanent intake person here so that means they must know that the migrants ain't coming today … the other issue here is there's a big building right here a four-story building that's empty 2/3 of the day … why ain't the migrants just sleeping in there it's a court building … lock the rooms that are important let them sleep in the courtrooms and in the hallways and get them out of there in the morning when court begins … Oh wait up … why don't you do remote Court like we did during covid you could shut the whole building and go remote Court … didn't we do that for a few years or my imagining things … Sounds like a bunch of people are bullshitting us … HiHo Subxnews on the spot reporting

Posted by Substance News on Wednesday, November 1, 2023

$140 million to Sleep on the Street … October 6th 2023 … migrant transfer from drop off location in downtown … the city of Chicago dropped off the migrants at 15th District police station …

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