the Art of the Con: Permits to a Continuous Crisis

At the Chicago Teachers Union, the way they got through years of incompetence was to create situations that distract from the lack of leadership ability to find positive solutions to problems. The reason is that no one at ctu has practical, real-life experience in resolving issues.

The same is also true with Brandon Johnson.

There will now be a continuous stream of crises and problems, each coming end-to-end to deflect from any resolution to the original issue, as is the political announcement regarding the need for expedited work permits for migrants.

What does work have to do with housing or resident status? Nothing.

It is only another issue that polarizes and deflects from the original problem, hordes living inside police stations in Chicago.

BJ’s administration is easy to read.

Find and talk to people who have worked with these guys and understand their past histories inside other organizations. The leadership circle is no bigger than six, sometimes larger, when work is delegated to a stooge or fall guy.

If the plan succeeds, great; if not, move on to the next one they will create.

Fixing the city is not the objective here. It is using the resources to promulgate ideology and politics on a larger scale … HiHo

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