Censorship of Government Failure

Chicago News – Facebook says the video of two 7-Eleven workers who defended themselves against, a robber, a Habitual Criminal is excessive violence …

by John Kugler

Aug 20, 2023

It’s clear now that the government is working with social media to censor what is happening everyday in our country.

This is not the first crime video or victim video that Facebook has blocked or banned from our news page.

It’s a continuous recurring attack on First Amendment and media rights, especially when people are tired of the violence and taking matters into their own hands, because the government doesn’t do their job.

The 7-11 video doesn’t show violence, it shows the government that allows criminals to terrorize working people.

So what about the pontoon boat fight, what about George Floyd’s killing, the Ahmaud Arbery killing, and other certain videos, that are okay to show and others it isn’t.

Or are certain videos okay that insight separation and racial violence, while those that show the government allowing criminality and negligence are not.

We either have our rights or we don’t, there is no arbitrary decider, especially a private business like Facebook.

We have arrived in an authoritarian state …. HiHo

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