Treatment Not Trauma is Pro-Criminal

Community policing is not a new idea, in Chicago the concept was to you reform criminals locally and give them positive activities … that’s the idea …

What has changed in recent years … is the treatment not trauma concept … that is … let people do whatever they want … since crime is rooted in oppression and white supremacy … meaning punishment for criminal activity is trauma for the criminal and perpetuates exploitation of colored people …

And it’s the victim’s fault they got robbed or harmed because they are privileged to have a job and nice stuff …

Thanks to old timers and others that keep historic documents, so we can all see that what is new is just something renamed and re-branded.

What is said today, is con-artist and pro-criminal behavior, when a mayor says looters are just kids making mistakes.

Or crime is payback for divestment …

When someone violates the law and hurts others there needs to be consequences to change such behavior … in some cases behavior will never change, so the individual needs to be separated from society.

And in certain cases capital punishment is warranted.

Pretending, wishing and giving criminals money to hope they will change is foolish and dangerous.

Past is Prologue

Throwback Tuesday … 1979, Project Assistant for Urban Crime Prevention at The Back of The Yards Neighborhood Council. I, Jim Hankes, reported to Jim Gonska, who reported to the big man, Pat Salmon.

We were advocating for community directed crime prevention programs as a way to decrease crime.

Additionally, I supervised gangbangers who were given community service as punishment for getting arrested while tagging properties. We had them repainting the properties they tagged.

Was it wrong for us to smile and laugh watching gangbangers getting upset because we made them paint over their own tags?

I think not.

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