there is not sufficient objective verifiable information of sexual misconduct …. COPA Concludes Investigative Efforts Regarding Sexual Misconduct at the 10th and 19th Police Districts

September 29, 2023

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) concluded its investigative efforts into alleged sexual misconduct by Chicago Police Department (CPD) officers assigned to the 10th and 19th Districts. COPA has not substantiated any claim of sexual misconduct between members of the Chicago Police Department and any new arrivals. To date, no victim or witness has come forward or been identified.

On July 6, 2023, COPA received information via a city employee alleging a CPD officer at the 010th District had sexual intercourse with an underage new arrival resulting in her becoming pregnant. COPA contacted the Chicago Police Department’s (CPD) Bureau of Internal Affairs (BIA) and began a preliminary investigation. COPA subsequently received information about similar allegations occurring in the 19th District.

COPA immediately engaged in outreach efforts to numerous faith and community leaders, and service providers. COPA also conducted social media searches and canvassed multiple locations, including shelters where new arrivals were housed. During these canvasses, COPA investigators spoke with members of the new arrival community, area residents, and members of the Chicago Police Department; none of which had information identifying a victim or witnesses. COPA also conducted formal interviews of multiple Chicago Police officers.

COPA also received various reports of other individuals who were alleged to have additional information. COPA investigators interviewed all available persons who were identified; however, those efforts did not result in the identity of any victims or witnesses.

At this time, there is not sufficient objective verifiable information of sexual misconduct. COPA has concluded its investigative efforts and the case will be closed without allegations or findings of misconduct. Should new material evidence be received, COPA has the authority to re-open this investigation.

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